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What Are the Best Things to Do on the Greek Island of Corfu When You Are There?



It is a blue-water paradise that is famed for its magnificent beaches, sun-bleached homes, little roads, and Byzantine architecture. The Greek island of Corfu is located in the middle of a series of islands in the Ionian Sea.

Despite the fact that there are two big tourist seasons—April and May and September and November—there is no bad time to visit because of its location in the Mediterranean.

A significant number of tourists make it a priority to take advantage of the sun, sand, and surf while also devoting some of their time to exploring the numerous historical landmarks, natural wonders, and cultural experiences. All of the best things to do in Corfu are listed here.

One can take private tours of the Achilleion Palace as well as other locations.

What Are the Best Things to Do on the Greek Island of Corfu When You Are There?

In general, the most memorable trips are those that are customized and individualized to match the schedules and interests of certain passengers.

The Achilleion Palace and the picturesque old-world towns of Corfu, as well as the Monastery of the Virgin Mary and traditional cafes and taverns, are just some of the attractions that can be found on this itinerary. When you book a tour that lasts from half a day to an entire day, you will receive transportation from your hotel or cruise ship at the port.

Before making a reservation, get in touch with the tour operator to receive a personalized itinerary here.

2. Blue Caves Boat Cruises that depart from Antipaxos and Paxos


The sights of the island may be viewed from a new perspective when you take a boat tour from Corfu. Visiting the blue caves of Paxos, which are famous for their crystal clear water, breathtaking rock formations, and monk seal population, is an experience that should not be missed.

There are bilingual guides available for the tours, as well as stops at historic towns and beaches that seem like postcards, as well as on-board food and beverages.

Guests are pleased with both guided and free time. Transportation to and from your hotel on Corfu may be included if you make a reservation for it.

Antipaxos and Paxos Blue Caves Boat Cruise

The Paleokastritsa Scooter Tour lasts for six hours.

Those who are looking for an experience that is more exciting than the majority of excursions will find that traveling around Corfu on a Vespa is a thrilling and memorable way to spend the day. A safety briefing, an introduction to the tour leader, and a route description on the stunning island are the first things that happen during the six-hour tour.

Guests have the option of selecting a scooter that is suitable for their age, size, and riding aptitude, and then proceed to experience the history and mythology of Greece. Highlights include Paleokastritsa and the Byzantine castle that is located at Angelokastro.

4. Cruising on a Private Sailing Yacht Yacht

Paleokastritsa 6-Hour Scooter Tour

Corfu is a wonderful destination that can be visited and experienced via the use of private yacht cruises. When everything that they have to offer is taken into consideration, the bulk of them are surprisingly budget-friendly.

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