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Program for Junior Professional Associates administered by the World Bank Group in 2024



An opportunity that comes along just once in a lifetime, the Junior Professional Associate (JPA) program offered by the World Bank Group provides participants with the opportunity to get professional experience at an entry-level and gain first-hand exposure to the difficulties and rewards of international development.

Do you have a recent degree attained? Do you have a concern for other people and a desire to assist them? Are you looking for a fantastic entry-level position that will last for two years and will be in a multicultural setting? If this is the case, you might be interested in the Joint Partnership Agreement (JPA) program offered by the World Bank.

Program for Junior Professional Associates administered by the World Bank Group in 2024

You will be able to put your outstanding quantitative and qualitative analytical skills, understanding of technology, and research abilities to use in your JPA assignment. You will also be able to collaborate with more senior colleagues and project teams in their work in operations and corporate departments. You will have the chance to refine your existing skills and acquire new ones, all while gaining first-hand experience with the challenges of eradicating poverty and fostering greater prosperity for all. A job in the government, consulting, the business sector, academia, or other development organizations could be a stepping stone for you if you have experience working as a Junior Public Administrator (JPA). ##

Qualifications to be eligible:

Below is a list of the minimal conditions that must be met in order to be eligible for the JPA program: ##

At the time of your first day of duty, you must be younger than 28 years old.Keep a degree that is comparable to that of a Bachelor’s degree
Possess a strong command of the English language The Bank’s working languages include, but are not limited to: Foreign languages include Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Advantages to Having

A two-year, non-renewable Extended Term Consultant (ETC) contract with perks will be offered to you by the World Bank. This opportunity will allow you to get professional experience at an entry-level position at a leading development institution.
The application

Candidates that are interested can submit their applications online. (I respectfully request that you give the necessary information in the appropriate places).
Please take note that applications will remain in our database for a period of six months after they have been submitted. If you are still interested in the JPA program after a period of six months, you will be required to submit a new application.
The only people who will be contacted to discuss their interest and availability for an assignment are those who have been identified for it.
On the basis of a highly competitive process, the recruiting manager chooses candidates to fill open positions.##

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