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Is my flight secure or Not? Here’s a guidelines on how to determine safety before your boarding a plane to travel



If you see any of these signs, it could mean that there are safety issues with your plane:

1. Damage That Can Be Seen: Look at the outside of the plane for damage that can be seen, like dents, scratches, or signs of impact.

2. Fluid Leaks: If you see any leaks, especially near the engines or wings, please report them. Leaks of fluid could mean that something is wrong with the plane’s equipment.

3. Sounds That Aren’t Normal: During the pre-flight checks or while you’re boarding, pay close attention to any strange sounds. Strange engine or motor noises may mean that they need to be looked at more closely.

4. Rivets or fasteners are missing: Look for rivets, screws, or other fasteners that are missing from the body of the plane. These parts are very important to the structure of the plane.


5. Parts that are worn or broken: Check parts like the tires, landing gear, and wings for any signs of damage or wear. Parts that are worn out could make the plane less safe.

6. Burn marks or changes in color: Look around the engines and other important areas for burn marks or changes in color. Problems from the past or present could be shown by these signs.

7. Fluid around the landing gear: If you see any fluids around the landing gear, be careful because it could mean there are problems with the fuel or hydraulic systems.

8. Broken Doors or Hatches: Make sure all of the doors and hatches close firmly. If the doors don’t work right, it could be dangerous to fly.

9. Lights That Don’t Work: If any of the outside lights don’t work, you should report them right away because they are very important for communication and sight, especially during takeoff and landing.

10. Odd Smells: Pay attention to any smells that don’t seem right, especially inside the house. Odd smells could mean that something is wrong with the plane’s equipment.

As soon as you see any of these signs, you need to tell aviation workers or crew members about them. People who work in aviation are trained to look for and fix possible safety issues so that passengers are safe and the plane runs smoothly.

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