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A simple way to keep dogs healthy and happy – REVEALED



EverRoot knows that dogs may need a little extra help on top of what they normally eat.

Every dog should feel good, but just like people, each dog has different needs. A healthy diet, regular trips to the vet, and exercise can all help, but sometimes our dog friends need a little extra help on top of what they normally eat.

That’s why EverRoot dog vitamins, which are made by Purina, are useful: The animal nutrition experts at Purina came up with EverRoot dog supplements, which come in different types and cover a range of important health areas. This helps dog owners make their dog’s supplement plan even more specific to their dog’s wants and tastes.

A simple way to keep dogs healthy and happy - REVEALED

EverRoot supplements for dogs are unique because they focus on natural and organic ingredients and promise traceable sources. This means that their supplements have everything your dog needs and nothing they don’t.

EverRoot launched a new line of soft chew dog supplements with the help of top athlete and health fanatic Laila Ali. These supplements are meant to help dogs get the exact nutrition they need. Ali, a fitness expert, thinks that her beloved dogs, Malibu and Buddy, should get the same care for their health that she does for her own.

Ali, the late great boxer and humanitarian Muhammad Ali, said, “I want them to be around for a long time, so it feels good to know I’m giving them the best chance to look and feel their best with tasty soft chews they love.”

Ali is a four-time unbeaten boxing world winner, the CEO of the Laila Ali Lifestyle brand, and a huge dog fan. Because she loves animals so much, she worked with EverRoot to make EverRoot Soft Chews. At home, Ali can take care of her own dogs based on their individual wants and needs. For example, she gives Buddy the EverRoot soft chew vitamin to help with hip and joint pain and the EverRoot multi-benefit soft chew to Malibu.

Pet owners don’t have to be sports stars like Ali, though, to give their pets the best care possible. The unique health needs of dogs have just become a lot easier to meet thanks to EverRoot.

It’s important to find the right materials.

Purina and its scientists are known experts on animal nutrition because they have more than a hundred years of experience. They know that every dog is different, which is why EverRoot Soft Chews are made to meet the needs of all dogs.

It’s an honor for EverRoot to help dogs on their own health paths. In order to do that, the business has agreed to practices for sourcing and tracking. All of the ingredients in EverRoot dog vitamins are there for a reason.

When making supplements, they looked all over the world for organic ingredients like chamomile to calm and coconut from Sri Lanka. They also got oils from Alaskan salmon and cod caught in the wild by Marine Stewardship Council-certified fishers.

Using high-quality products has the same powerful effects. In this case, the chamomile that EverRoot uses in their vitamin can help calm down dogs that are feeling nervous. Similarly, organic coconut and fish are good for a dog’s general health, from keeping their joints, skin, and coat healthy to keeping their minds sharp.

To help keep the heart healthy, they’ve also used unusual ingredients like green-lipped mussels caught in New Zealand’s clear seas.

Safflower oil has been used to treat skin problems since ancient times, and it still helps people with sensitive skin. EverRoot also gets its organic tart cherry powder from Montmorency cherries, which are good for your brain and help you stay mentally alert.

These are some of the carefully chosen items that make sure dogs get the best nutrition in a form they’ll enjoy.

It’s good for their health and dogs like the taste.

EverRoot’s dog supplements have a lot of natural chemicals that are good for dogs’ health, such as

Multi-Benefit: spirulina boosts immunity, and pumpkin and cod liver oil help digestion and skin health.
Hip and Joint: Green-lipped mussels and omega-3 fatty acids from salmon oil and cod oil can help with stiffness caused by daily movement and exercise.
Skin and Coat: It’s great for sensitive skin because it has extra vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids from cod liver oil and safflower oil.
Natural chamomile can help calm dogs that are nervous, hyperactive, or stressed out by their surroundings.
Digestive health: Pumpkin and probiotics can help with rare loose stools caused by stress or changes in diet.
Dr. Annie Valuska, who has a Ph.D. in animal behavior and works at Purina as a senior scientist in pet behavior and welfare, says it’s important to know what dogs like.

EverRoot’s supplements come in a range of forms because they know what dogs need. These include oils that can be mixed into their normal pet food and chewable tablets. Their newest product, soft chew vitamins, makes it even easier to tailor a dog’s diet to its needs.

Valuska said, “You may notice that your dog likes soft, meaty treats more than cookies.” “That’s why I’m so happy that EverRoot is adding the soft chew supplement form to give dog owners more choices.” It’s another great way to make sure that your dog gets the right supplements for their needs.

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