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BREAKING NEWS: A kid in Arizona jumps into a freezing lake to try to save a man who drove his car into it



Several news sources say that on Wednesday, a 16-year-old boy jumped into a freezing Arizona lake to try to save a man who had driven his SUV into the water.

ABC15 reported that Ethan Cakmak acted quickly after learning that a man had driven into a lake near his apartment complex in Chandler, Arizona. The guy lived near Dobson and Queen Creek roads.

During his work from home, the teen’s father, Erkan Cakmak, told FOX10 that he heard “a plump” from his balcony door and saw the car in the lake.

“I saw that he needed help; he was going to drown.” “I ran out the gate, took off my shirt, and empty my pockets before jumping into the water,” Ethan Cakmak said.

BREAKING NEWS: A kid in Arizona jumps into a freezing lake to try to save a man who drove his car into it
While his dad called 911, the boy “sprung into the water.”

ABC15 said that when Ethan swam out to the car, he saw that the man inside was passed out but still breathing.

“I looked through the window and I see the guy with his chin on his chest bobbing up and down because he was breathing, which is good because that means he’s alive, but his eyes were closed, and he wasn’t responding to any banging on the window,” the teenager told FOX10.

The car was no longer sinking, but Ethan couldn’t break a window to help the man get out. He swam back to land.

Teenager thinks it’s important to help other people.

ABC15 reported that when help came, they pulled the man out of the water. FOX10 reported that the driver, who has not been named, was taken to the hospital to be checked out.

For being so willing to help, Chandler Police Sgt. Ricky Gonzales told FOX10 that the father and son were great.

“That’s really cool,” I said. In this case, it shows that we care about each other. “Not just police and firefighters, but also regular people,” Gonzales said. “That’s pretty cool.”

Being helpful to others is important to the teen, who told ABC15 that it is one of “his values.”

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