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What happened why Alaska Airlines flight, made a U-turn and return to Portland



A flight that was scheduled to depart from Portland International Airport in Oregon and fly to Phoenix on Wednesday was forced to make an emergency landing at Portland International Airport shortly after takeoff when passengers and crew members sensed odors in the cabin.

According to a spokeswoman for Alaska Airlines, flight 646 went into emergency mode and began its return to the airport after the odor was noticed. The airplane arrived back at the airport without incident.

Due to the presence of fumes on the Alaska Airlines flight, the aircraft was forced to make a U-turn and return to Portland

continentview was informed by the Port of Portland that the Port fire department responded to the reports of smells in the cabin once the aircraft had fully landed. Although fire and rescue crews conducted an investigation, they were unable to establish the source of the odor.

A statement made by Allison Ferre, who is the media relations manager for the Port of Portland, stated that the problem is currently being handled by Alaska maintenance.

A confirmation was made by the airline that its maintenance personnel is currently conducting an inspection of the aircraft.

Medical evaluations were requested by both passengers and crew members.
Ferre claims that seven passengers and crew members wanted to be seen by a medical expert after passengers deplaned the first aircraft; however, no one was sent to the hospital for treatment of their injuries.

There was no explanation provided by either the airline or the Port of Portland regarding the basis for the demands.

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