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Embark on a journey to paradise by visiting the most stunning islands in the world



Unrivaled in its splendor is the island. Islands are the stuff of vacation fantasy, whether it’s sunning oneself on a beach surrounded with palm trees, swimming in waters that are warm and clear, or gazing out at the ocean from an infinity pool.

Still, the size of islands can vary. Excursions to islands can take numerous forms, but the most common types of island vacations are those that take place on sun-drenched atolls or tropical islands with stunning beaches. A wide variety of appealing island destinations may be found all over the world, ranging from the glaciers and lakes of New Zealand’s South Island to the temples and cultural attractions of Bali to the cliffside views of Santorini.

Using this list of the most beautiful islands in the world, you can find your own personal paradise.

Bora Bora, located in French Polynesia [1]


This lush volcanic island, which is shaped like a giant hat, appears in a number of dreams that take place in the South Pacific. The centerpiece of this tropical paradise is the azure lagoon that it contains. Motus and fish, turtles, sharks, and rays can be seen swimming in the lagoon’s waters, which are crystal clear.

Naturally, the island is home to some mouthwatering French cuisine. Excellent activities include diving and snorkeling in the reefs, as well as hiking paths that pass through palm-studded woodlands.

Bora Bora, much like the Maldives, is home to opulent resorts and overwater bungalows, where you can listen to the sounds of the ocean while you sleep.

(2) The Seychelles

The beauty of the Seychelles ensures that it is well worth a trip there. Forests that are on the UNESCO World Heritage List, thriving coral reefs, palm-lined, white beaches, and massive boulders can be found on the relatively untouched archipelago of 115 coral and granite islands located off the coast of Kenya.

The majority of these equatorial islands are protected, and many of them are located in marine sanctuaries that are abundant in fish and offer excellent opportunities for diving and snorkeling.

When it comes to fishing, the Seychelles are considered to be among the best destinations in the world. The attractiveness of the Seychelles becomes readily apparent when exotic Creole cuisine and opulent resorts such as Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue are taken into consideration.

3. The Islands of the Cook

You can fulfill your goal of being a castaway in the South Pacific by visiting the Cook Islands. This group of fifteen islands, which are located between French Polynesia and Samoa and have close relations to New Zealand, is considered to be one of the South Pacific’s most underappreciated gems.

Among the island’s most notable features are its azure lagoons, beaches surrounded by palm trees, and volcanic peaks. Best of all, the people that live in the South Pacific are the friendliest.

Rarotonga, with its beaches, resorts, and green peaks, is the most popular destination for tourists around the island. Many islands in the South Pacific, such as Aitutaki, are breathtaking. The lovely lagoon is surrounded by 21 motus, which are little islets, and several of them are within kayaking distance of the resorts. The slopes are bordered with settlements that are adorned with hibiscus flowers.

Staying in a rustic beach home or a cabin that overlooks the water on an uninhabited island is the perfect way to live out your Robinson Crusoe fantasies.

5. The Maldives

There is no doubt that the islands of the Maldives are stunning; yet, the sea is what truly sets them apart. These dazzlingly white coasts hardly seem to rise above the Indian Ocean, which is accompanied by waves that have a clear turquoise color. In the Maldives, you can stay in an overwater bungalow and take in the serene and breathtaking views of the ocean from your accommodation.

There are 26 natural atolls that make up the Maldives, making it the lowest nation in the world. The highest point in the Maldives is only three meters above the water, and it continues to decrease every year.

Divers and snorkelers will travel from all over the world to visit coral reefs that are located underwater. Surfers go here because the breaks are not overcrowded.

Santorini, located in Greece

High grades are awarded to the breathtaking caldera that surrounds Santorini. The white villas are a result of the cliffs of the volcano. There is a striking contrast between the brilliant water and the bright bougainvillea and blue-domed temples.

Two of the most luxurious and expensive resorts on the island are Firá and Oia, both of which are built on cliffs made of black lava. It is one of the spots that receives the most photographs in the world.

Two of the most popular tourist destinations in Santorini are the Akrotíri Archaeological Site and Ancient Thira. Perissa’s black sand beach and magnificent sunsets are also very popular. In order to make a remarkable first impression, you should sail into this stunning caldera that is encircled by mountains of the sea.

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