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“I think Donald Trump is going to win” Secret reason Why Donald Trump is set to win Iowa caucuses revealed



From Gaza to the economy, many voters in the Republican Party (GOP) are wishing for Trump’s return to power as the season for presidential elections begins.

This is Indianola, Iowa. It was not just chilly; according to the officials in charge of the area, it was “dangerously cold,” with temperatures approaching Antarctic lows following days of snowfall.

But the bitter weather did not prevent hundreds of people from turning out to visit former President Donald Trump in Indianola, Iowa, which is a small town located south of Des Moines, the capital of the state.

During the campaign rally that took place a day before the Iowa caucuses, they wore hats and shirts that featured the mugshot of the previous president and wore Make America Great Again (MAGA) hats. Additionally, they hoisted banners that read “Trump 2024.” Trump’s support among Republicans remains consistent even after more than three years have passed since his supporters stormed the United States Capitol to prevent the certification of President Joe Biden’s win and four criminal indictments have been handed down.

“I think Donald Trump is going to win" Secret reason Why Donald Trump is set to win Iowa caucuses revealed

The Republican opponents of the former president, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former envoy to the United Nations Nikki Haley, are “wasting their time,” according to George Hutton, a fan of Trump from neighboring Madison County who attended the event on Sunday. Hutton was one of the attendees.

In reference to the election in Iowa, Hutton stated, “I believe that Trump is going to win it by a considerably larger margin than what they are estimating.”

During the rally that took place on Sunday, attendees waited in a line that stretched outside of the community college where Trump was speaking for fifteen minutes with the bitter cold. After entering the venue, many people were forced to settle for watching the Republican front-runner’s address on a screen in an overflow room because the main event area had reached its capacity. This meant that they did not even get the chance to meet him in person.

The question that pertains to the presidential elections, which will begin on Monday evening with the Iowa caucuses, is not if Trump will win, but rather by what margin he will win.

When it comes to the economy, “We want our country back.”

Supporters of the former president long for the period when he was in the Oval Office, despite the fact that the Trump years were marked by turmoil, provocative words, and an increase in hatred for a significant number of Americans.

In interviews conducted by Al Jazeera, fans of Donald Trump stated three primary reasons why they are supporting the former president: the economy, the unprecedented number of migrants arriving at the southern border, and the turmoil that is occurring around the world. Not only does Trump’s extroverted nature contribute to his attractiveness, but his legal issues also do so.

The White House has been making the case that the economy of the United States is in good shape. They have been pointing out the low unemployment rate, the robust growth, and the investments in infrastructure. Additionally, they have mentioned that the inflation that destroyed the economy of the entire world during the COVID-19 pandemic is beginning to regain control.

On the other hand, people who support Trump painted a different picture of the economy by pointing to their personal economic hardships and the high interest rates that they are currently experiencing.

“We require something that is different from what we are doing at the moment. This is not productive. David Brunell, a supporter of Donald Trump who is 32 years old and sat in the overflow room waiting for the former president to make an appearance, said, “I was making more money than I’ve ever made before, and now I’m broker than I’ve ever been.”

This reveals a great deal about the current state of the economy.

Then again, why not take into account one of Trump’s key competitors? The fans of the former president claim that he is a well-known figure, and they have witnessed the manner in which he leads.

To put it simply, we want our nation back. The statement was made by Hutton. “We want it back to how it was when he was president, and even better.”

Brunell seems to be in agreement. The fact that Trump has a “good track record that goes a long way” is the reason, according to him, that he never gave any of the other Republican contenders any consideration.

Foreign wars: “We are on the verge of World War III”

Several supporters of Donald Trump pointed to the wars in Ukraine and Gaza as the result of poor policies implemented by Vice President Joe Biden, despite the fact that foreign policy has rarely been a primary issue in recent elections in the United States.

Trump was an ardent supporter of Israel while he was in office. In addition to relocating the United States Embassy to Jerusalem, he terminated the United States’ financial support for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), and he mediated diplomatic agreements between Israel and Arab nations that sidestepped the Palestinian initiative to establish a state.

An same amount of dedication to Israel has been shown by Biden, who describes himself as a Zionist.

On the other hand, some who support Trump believe that the unrest in the region is not so much about particular policies as it is about character.

During his speech on Sunday, Congressman Jim Jordan made the suggestion that the conflict in Ukraine would not have occurred if President Trump had been in office.

According to what Jordan shared with the audience, “We went from a guy in the Oval Office in President Trump who projected strength – projected that all around the world – to Joe Biden.”

Blaine Melvin, a groundskeeper at the local college where the event was taking place, bemoaned the status of the globe and the country under Biden’s leadership. Melvin had a gray beard and was wearing a gray shirt.

The statement that he made to Al Jazeera was, “This is the closest I’ve ever seen World War Three.” “It’s really absurd. Nothing fits together at all.”

In spite of this, the former president continues to make an appeal to a segment of the Republican Party that has become increasingly skeptical of foreign military interventions in the wake of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for example.

In his speech at the campaign event that took place on Sunday, Glenn Jacobs, a former wrestler known as Kane who is now the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, stated that “America’s boys and girls should never be sacrificed on the altar of profit for the military industrial complex.”

Migration: “He had strong control over our borders.”
Since he made the announcement that he would be running for president for the first time in 2015, Donald Trump has made migrants a target of his attacks, and he has used rhetoric that is both dehumanizing and racist at times.

More than two million migrants arrived at the southern border of the United States in the previous year, which is a significant increase over the previous year.

Biden has been making efforts to restrict unauthorised migration, which has garnered criticism from progressives and organizations that advocate for the rights of immigrants. When it comes to the matter, however, he is still unable to match Trump’s severe words.

“He acts as a powerful leader. This is what Bob Snyder, a retiree from Des Moines, had to say about Trump: “He had our borders tighter.”

On Sunday, President Trump continued to stress his attempts to build a border wall with Mexico as well as his restrictions on migration. Additionally, he read a poem that portrayed migrants as a snake that is venomous.

The Biden campaign made the accusation that Trump was echoing Hitler’s words after the former president stated that immigration were “poisoning the blood” of the United States of America.

Using Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 elections as an example, Biden has also been attempting to portray Trump as a threat to the democratic system in the United States.

On the other hand, supporters of the Republican frontrunner argue that the current administration poses the greatest danger to democratic institutions. It is their contention that the accusations that Trump is facing are politically motivated and with the intention of undermining the elections that will take place in 2024.

“It is common knowledge that it is a mass of nonsense. There is no basis for the indictments,” Snyder stated. According to Al Jazeera’s discussion with over a dozen Trump fans, his opinion was consistent with their own.

The efforts that Trump has made to alter the results of the 2020 election have resulted in four criminal charges, including two indictments, one of which was brought at the federal level and the other in Georgia.

As far as his followers are concerned, none of that seemed to matter. Over the course of his speech on Sunday, which lasted for an hour and forty minutes, President Trump touched on a wide range of topics, including migration, foreign policy, the economy, and personal tales, frequently eliciting laughter and applause from the audience.

A young man named Evan Walker, who will be voting for the first time, responded to a question about what he likes about Donald Trump by saying, “More his personality; he just knows what he’s doing.” Walker is 18 years old.

“He has a very outgoing personality.”

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