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Latest News: A woman in New England manages to stay alive after being thrown into a garbage truck and squished among trash – how it actually happen



The woman, who has not been named, was taken to the hospital with serious injuries on Monday after being pulled from the truck in Manchester, New Hampshire.

On Monday, a woman was saved from a garbage truck in Manchester, New Hampshire. She was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

In a statement, the Manchester Fire Department said they think she was in a dumpster that had been emptied into the hopper, which is the trash container behind the cab. The truck was on its regular route at the time. It was said that she was stuck in trash that had been squished four times, but it wasn’t clear if that was what hurt her.


“She was dumped at some point,” Fire Chief Ryan J. Cashin said at the scene of the crime.

No one knew what she was doing in the dumpster. Cashin said that a cleaning worker on the truck saw the woman in the hopper through the video system of the truck, which has at least one camera pointed inside the hopper.

A statement from the fire department said the woman was standing and screaming for help when they arrived.

A rescue basket was dropped into the bin from a ladder truck, which was used almost like a crane, and she was saved.

The fire department said the woman was taken to a medical center. It wasn’t clear what her exact condition was, and Elliot Hospital staff didn’t reply right away to a request for comment.

Cashin said, “I’ve never seen one like this.”

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