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Reason Why USA president Joe Biden is changing his mind about immigration and why the president will move to the right in 2024



Donald Trump had threatened to “close the southern border completely” if Democrats kept blocking funding for his planned border wall. He had been president for two years. A lot of the time, Democrats said that this kind of speech was racist. This is similar to what President Joe Biden is saying now when he calls for a border shutdown and asks Congress to pass a bill that will handle what he calls “the border crisis.”

Biden says the bill he wants to pass would be the “toughest and fairest” set of border changes in U.S. history. It would give the president new power to “shut down the border when it becomes overwhelmed.” If the bill were in force right now, he said, he would immediately close the border to deal with the situation. This is a big move to the right for Biden when it comes to border and immigration politics. He is trying to neutralize one of the Republicans’ most powerful topics before the 2024 election.

Reason Why USA president Joe Biden is changing his mind about immigration and why the president will move to the right in 2024

There are parts of the bipartisan border bill that would pay Ukraine and Israel, which shows a larger political shift. Biden sent Congress a comprehensive immigration bill on his first day in office, with the main goal of giving undocumented immigrants ways to become citizens. Now, the debate is mostly about which party can look tougher on border security.

The suggested law, which is still being worked out, would give the Department of Homeland Security the power to close the border to illegal immigrants when a certain number cross each day. The bill from both parties also wants to speed up the refugee process and make sure that immigration cases are heard within six months.

Notably, former President Trump has told Republicans to vote against the package, which makes it hard for any deal to pass in Congress. If a joint border deal fails, Biden might not be able to say that he did something to stop the rising number of people crossing the southern border illegally.

Ten years ago, both Democrats and Republicans worked together to deal with the issue of undocumented immigrants and provide them with a way to become citizens. The present immigration debate is very different from that time. Congress hasn’t had the same momentum since then, which shows that the attention has shifted to making the border more secure.

Some people say that Biden’s approach to immigration has not worked, even though he has taken more executive steps on the issue in his first three years than Trump did in his first four. This is especially true considering the problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic downturn. Biden changed his tone because of the rise in the number of migrants crossing the border every day. He now admits that the border is unsafe and wants to take steps to fix the problem.

Biden is trying to find a way to appeal to a wider range of voters while also dealing with resistance from both Republicans and progressives in his own party. This is reflected in the current political maneuvering. The story told about immigration policies before the 2024 election will probably change because of the result.

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