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The Most Popular Tourist Destinations in Montserrat, often known as the Emerald Isle



As a sad reminder of the power of nature, Montserrat, sometimes known as the “Emerald Isle,” is located in the Caribbean. South of the island is a lunar environment with abandoned settlements and charcoal valleys scarred by volcanic eruptions that occurred in 1995. The north of the island is characterized by lush peaks.

More than half of the island is included by the exclusion zone that surrounds the active Soufrière Hills Volcano and the ash-smothered countryside that surrounds it. Police officers are responsible for guiding tourists into the zone, and there are numerous high vantage points that provide breathtaking views of the destroyed districts, most notably Plymouth, which was the previous capital.

The stunning northern side of Montserrat is experiencing a surge in the number of new villages. Ecotourists and others who are interested in the environment take a ferry from Antigua to visit the lush rainforest paths, observe the many birds that live on the island, dive and swim in the coral reefs, and relax on the beaches with silver sand instead of swimming.

The Most Popular Tourist Destinations in Montserrat, often known as the Emerald Isle

A tropical island paradise, Montserrat serves as a refreshing reminder of the power and beauty that nature possesses. If you are looking for the greatest places to visit and activities to participate in, read our list of Montserrat attractions.

First, the Observatory of the Montserrat Volcano

Become familiar with the destructive eruptions of this island’s volcano. The Montserrat Volcano Observatory is a destination that comes highly recommended. At the observatory, scientists record the seismic activity of the island in real time for the benefit of tourists.

In addition to being a highlight of a visit, the twenty-minute movie on the Soufrière Hills Volcano demonstrates how the eruption changed the life on the island. Other features that can be seen are the cloud-capped volcano, the exclusion zone, and the abandoned capital of Plymouth.

When you visit this location, the most enjoyable way to experience it is to go on a tour with a knowledgeable guide, particularly one who was personally impacted by the eruption of the volcano and can compare life before and after the event. There are both lectures and field trips available at the observatory.

2. The Volcano of the Soufrière Hills

A large portion of Montserrat was obliterated by an eruption of the Soufrière Hills Volcano in 1995, which included the scenic capital of the island, Plymouth. Sun’s Montserrat Island Tours provides tours that are accompanied by law enforcement officers and take visitors to regions of the volcano’s exclusion zone that are prone to seismic activity.

When you are traveling around the island by yourself, you will have the opportunity to observe and photograph the destructive path of the volcano from a variety of vantage points. The Montserrat Volcano Observatory, Garibaldi Hill, and Jack Boy Hill are some examples of prominent hills.

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When you go to the Montserrat Volcano Observatory, you will have the opportunity to learn about the eruptions and how they have affected this beautiful island.

3. The beach at Little Bay

Located on the western coast of Montserrat, Little Bay Beach is widely considered to be one of the most popular beaches on the island. The calm seas are perfect for swimming and snorkeling, and you may relax on the beach with gray sand while watching ships come and go from the harbor at the northernmost point of the bay. While swimming, it is best to stay closer to the end of the beach that is backed by a cliff.

Restaurants along the beachfront offer fresh seafood and beverages from the local area, and there are diving shops and places to rent water sports equipment in the immediate vicinity.

4. The Bay of Rendezvous

There is just one length of golden sand on Montserrat, and it is located at Rendezvous Bay, which is a quiet beach that is situated between high rocks there. In this region, some of the most popular activities are swimming, diving, and snorkeling. As a result of the tiresome nature of the hike to this tranquil stretch of shore, the majority of visitors arrive by boat or kayak. Take along a large amount of water and sunblock.

There are large populations of Antillean fruit-eating bats that call these two tunnels which were dug into the bluff their home. It is possible that you will catch a sight of them when you are canoeing by in your kayak.

The Woodlands Bay area

The tranquil Woodlands Bay is located close to the settlements in the southeast of the Northern Zone. Despite the fact that the waves are rough and swimming is dangerous, this little beach with black sand is ideal for sunbathing. Be wary of riptides if you are going to contend with waves.

On the beach, sea turtles nest, and the rocks at the southern end of the beach are excellent places to snorkel. It is also possible to switch rooms. From the cliffs of the beach, you can have a picnic while watching whales that are migrating.

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