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“This race is far from over” – Donald Trump wins the New Hampshire primary and stays in the running for the GOP Nomination with victory



With his win over Nikki Haley, the Republican rival, Donald Trump is getting closer to running against Joe Biden again in the US election.

Joe Biden, the Democratic president of the United States, won New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary on Tuesday, putting the two candidates one step closer to running against each other again.

As soon as the polls closed in the state, US media reported that Trump had easily defeated his Republican opponent Nikki Haley, which was a huge setback for her campaign.

As of now, the official results have not been released, but early predictions put Trump ahead by more than ten points.

The former president’s huge win comes after a similar strong showing in the Iowa caucuses last week. This solidifies his lead in the race for the Republican presidential nomination before the general election in November.

There has never been a presidential candidate who won the first two races and then didn’t become their party’s choice. Trump is the first person to do this.

Donald Trump

New Hampshire was seen as Haley’s last and best chance to cut into Trump’s huge lead. The former UN envoy said in a speech on Tuesday night that she wants to keep running for office, even though she lost.

“This race isn’t over yet. She told a group of fans, “There are still dozens of states to go.” “We got almost half of the vote today.” We have more work to do, but we’re making progress.

Of course she knew she lost the primary in New Hampshire, but she also made fun of Trump’s suitability for office and his chances against Biden.

She said, “With Donald Trump, Republicans have lost almost every close election.” “How badly the Democrats want to run against Trump is the worst kept secret in politics.”

Trump replied with his own angry speech later that same night at his campaign office in Nashua, New Hampshire.

The former president said Haley was calling it a win even though she had lost. “The jerk who went up on stage before and claimed victory is who the hell?” Trump inquired.

Most of the attention was on Tuesday’s results for the Republican primary, but President Biden also won easily in his party’s primary, even though he wasn’t on the ticket.

Biden didn’t run in New Hampshire because of a scheduling dispute between the state’s Democrats and the Democratic National Committee. However, his supporters ran a successful effort to get people to vote for the president anyway.

He easily beat two Democratic opponents from a long way away: Minnesota Representative Dean Phillips and author Marianne Williamson. They were on the ticket with a lot of other unknown candidates.

“Glacier Staters still turned out in strong numbers to show their support for the great work that the Biden-Harris Administration has done to grow the economy, protect reproductive freedoms, and defend our democracy,” Raymond Buckley, chair of the state’s Democratic Party, said in a statement.

Biden also won even though there were rumors of a “deepfake” robocall aimed at Democratic voters in New Hampshire. A voice impersonating Biden was used in the call to scare people away from voting in Tuesday’s primary.

Julie Chavez Rodriguez, Biden’s re-election campaign manager, said in a statement after the results came in that her attention was now on Trump and that she didn’t see Haley as a serious Republican candidate in the general election.

It looks like Donald Trump has pretty much locked up the GOP nomination, and the anti-freedom, election-denying #MAGA movement has taken over the Republican Party, Chavez Rodriguez said.

“Donald Trump is going straight to the general election, where he’ll face Joe Biden, the only person who has ever beaten him in a race,” she said.

Andrew Smith, president of the University of New Hampshire’s Survey Center and a professor of political science, said that the margin of win in both the Republican and Democratic primaries was pretty much what people thought it would be going into Tuesday.

“After this, Haley will probably have to drop out.” “She might stay until South Carolina, but she’s just pulling strings,” Smith wrote in an email to Al Jazeera.

If you go back to 1920, New Hampshire was the first state to hold a presidential primary. Due to its large number of neutral voters, experts thought the state would be much more open to Haley than other states she would later face. South Carolina, where she lives, is the next place she has to win.

Chris Galdieri, a professor at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire, said Haley was “smart” to use her speech “not so much as a concession but as an opportunity to introduce herself to voters across the country.”

But Galdieri said she didn’t know if that would be enough to keep her campaign going since Trump has such a strong hold on the Republican Party.

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