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Trending News: A evaluation of the data about the title of “oldest dog” is conducted by Guinness World Records



In the beginning, GWR said that the dog had a lifespan of 31 years and 165 days, which was a record that had been kept since 1939.

A Portuguese canine named Bobi, who passed away in the previous year, was awarded the title of “world’s oldest dog” by Guinness World Records (GWR), which has stated that it is currently undertaking a formal review of the designation.

Complaints from vets who expressed concerns about his age led to the decision to take this action.

His entire existence was spent in a village located in the center region of Portugal, and Bobi was a Rafeiro do Alentejo of purebred. A record that had been held since 1939 by an Australian cattle dog that passed away at the age of 29 years and five months was broken by the beast, which was first reported to have lived for 31 years and 165 days by the GWR.


In February, it was determined that Bobi, who had passed away in October, was the oldest dog in the world.

There is a typical lifespan of 12 to 14 years for dogs of Bobi’s breed, who have traditionally been used as sheepdogs.

According to a spokeswoman for the GWR, the investigation into Bobi’s record is still underway. The investigation includes checking at the evidence once more, searching for fresh evidence, and reaching out to specialists and others who were connected to the initial application.

We have chosen to temporarily halt applications on both the record titles for oldest dog living and [oldest dog] ever until all of our findings are in place and have been shared, according to the spokesman. “While our review is ongoing, we have decided to temporarily pause applications on both of these record titles.”

“an elite within the veterinary world… tried to give people the idea that Bobi’s life story was not true,” claimed Leonel Costa, Bobi’s owner, in a statement that was released on Tuesday. Costa added that when his dog passed away, “an elite within the veterinary world”

Costa claims that a number of vets were dissatisfied with him because he ascribed Bobi’s life to a number of causes, one of which was that he fed him a consistent diet of “human food” rather than pet food, which he stated was frequently suggested by individuals working in the industry.

“If we had said that he [Bobi] had been eating pet food for thirty years, then everything would have been different,” Costa said, adding that all of the parameters that were sought by the GWR were satisfied.

In reference to any record holders, the GWR has stated that there has been no action taken as of yet. In addition, it stated that the conclusion of the evaluation would be the deciding factor in any activity.

In an earlier interview with the Reuters news agency, Costa stated that Bobi continued to enjoy going for walks, but that he had become less daring in his pursuits. Costa stated that his fur was becoming thinner, that his eyesight had become more impaired, and that he need more rest than he had in previous years.

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