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Visit the top 3 destinations in the Comoros when you travel to Africa



The islands of the Comoros, which are located in the Indian Ocean and off the coast of Africa, are a unique location. Make your flight reservation as soon as possible if you want to vanish or if you want to hang out with the eccentric locals. This rural location does not have any amenities for tourists.

People who have been there say that it lives up to the myth of being a paradise: there are banana and palm trees, cloves in the air, and ylang-ylang. People who are Muslims and have Swahili influences live in a society that is traditional. Both the consumption of alcohol and the wearing of modest clothing are prohibited. In the twenty years after it gained its independence in 1975, it has been referred to as the Cloud Coup-Coup.

The four developed islands provide a variety of activities, including white sand beaches, excursions through the rainforest, enormous fruit bats, and volcanoes. The Comoros lacks any kind of tourism infrastructure, which makes navigation extremely challenging. Due of the islands’ interesting unpredictability, even the most stoic individuals will experience a sense of adventure while they are there. Discover the best places to visit in the Comoros!

First, Anjouan


The inhabitants of this Comorian island refer to it as Ndzouani, and it is the thing that dreams are made of. On account of the Robinson Crusoe-like qualities that it possesses, Anjouan is commonly referred to as “The Pearl of the Comoros.” When you are looking for a place that is gorgeous, untouched, and remote, you will find it here. The scent of cloves and ylang-ylang, which originates from ancient Arab plantations, will be carried on every breeze. The locals are immensely proud of their small island and work very hard to make it a success.

As you travel to the highlands, you will experience cooler air and have the opportunity to watch the mists wash across the rainforests.

It is Mohéli.


This location is a favorite when it comes to the natural habitats and levels of biodiversity that it has. To a greater extent than any other island, Moheli is renowned for its impressively diverse ecosystems. At this location, the beaches are home to a variety of native bird species, including turtles, which can be observed. In the protected area known as Parc Marin de Mohéli, there are many different kinds of animals, including reptiles, who call this place home. Visitors come from all over the world to visit the town of Itsamia, which is located close to Moheli and is a sea turtle breeding location. In this forest, there is a possibility of spotting the fabled fruit-bat that is the largest in the world.

3. The mountain known as Karthala

Mount Karthala

The largest active volcano in the world is located on Grande Comore and is called Mount Karthala. Since the beginning of the 19th century, it has erupted at a height of slightly more than 2300 meters once every 11 years.

It took fourteen days for the previous eruption to occur in 2005! The volcano that occurred in 2005 caused damage to the country, although it recovered rather successfully.

Hiking is made more memorable by the peculiar but breathtaking landscape of the lava. It is a difficult and time-consuming endeavor to climb to the top of the volcano’s rim.

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